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On a Plate

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ON A PLATE – presents a delicious range of flexible recipes that encourage creative cooking, and equip the user with a set of clever tips and techniques illustrated by a unique visual approach.

On a plate:
• is an electronic cookbook that has a simple system of one-tap navigation;
• contains delicious recipes and methods that allow you to make restaurant-quality meals in your own home with confidence;
• has clear step-by-step instructions, which are illustrated in pictures, making them extremely easy to follow;
• helps you select the correct ingredients, due to its clear graphic design;
• can be easily taken with you to the shops, to help you select the correct ingredients;
• gives you an immediate overview of each recipe, making it easy to understand in what order things need to be done;
• allows you to make many variations of recipes by including the suggested optional ingredients;
• features many easy to prepare basic ‘elements’ that are common to many of its recipes;
• ‘Elements’ are designed to be prepared in advance, are suitable to be stored, and as a result for making in bulk, which saves time, effort, and money;
• includes ‘Chef’s Notes’ that provide many useful tips and variations;
• features high-resolution zoom on every screen for even more detailed viewing; and
• aims to teach less-experienced cooks new techniques, along with time-management and forward-planning skills.

“Our new app, ‘On a plate’, is an exciting development for uChef. It’s fantastic to have this opportunity to share with others our passion and enthusiasm for good food made simply.” says Guy Morris, founder of uChef. “Our philosophy is to encourage creative and confident cooking, through the use of simple but clever techniques.”

‘On a plate’ visually presents recipes, showing clearly the ingredients, stages, and techniques required. In particular, this app promotes the use of ‘elements’, which are the building blocks that form the basis of many of the appetising recipes. Once these ‘elements’ are mastered, the cook’s list of delicious meals quickly increases. Best of all, the majority of ‘elements’ are suitable for making in advance, in bulk – often frozen – until they are needed. This approach helps cooks to regularly make delicious restaurant-quality meals in their own home.

“I want to give others the knowledge to allow them to do what they want in the kitchen; to be confident and experiment using the ingredients that they have got in the cupboard,” enthuses Guy. “I am sure that ‘On a plate’ will become a useful reference as the cook gains skills and confidence through using this approach.”

The recipes range from simple ones such as chicken liver pate and lemon posset, to complex dishes with more levels and options, such as lamb shoulder madras. Guy suggests that the perfect place to start would be the tomato sauce ‘element’. Once created, this sauce forms the base of many more recipes, such as bolognaise, chilli con carne, slow cooked beef, chicken madras, lamb shoulder madras, which is an ideal example of the clever techniques behind ‘On a plate’.

“My favourites are the curries, as they are packed with flavour, and the ‘elements’ freeze really well.” comments Guy. “Much better to make your own frozen ready meals, so you know what goes into them. ‘On a plate’ enables you to make tasty home cooked meals more times a week!”