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A Little Like the Photo Cookbooks

I have the Photo Cookbook series so I understand the premise of this app and this one is off to a good start. The recipes vary enough to cover a range of tastes preferences. That being said, youll need a conversion table as measurements are mostly metric. Maybe a how-to-use page needs to be added to explain how to get around but once you figure out the instruction pages within the recipe needs to be tapped in order to enlarge the individual sections, youll be on your way to preparing several very good recipes! Thus far the Lamb Shoulder Madras is my favorite!!

Different approach, metric measures

This graphic cookbook will doubtless appeal to many, with its novel photographic diagram approach to presenting recipes. Unfortunately, the design left me scratching my head wondering what ingredients I was going to need. And when I did find ingredients they were provided with metric weights only and no option for conversion. I know metric is the worlds measurement but what I have available to me are measuring cups- thats fractions of or multiples of one cup- and weights in ounces and pounds. Until some kind of conversion is provided, I wont be able to try any of these yummy looking recipes. And I paid for the app, too! Tried to contact the makers through their website but the contact page wouldnt load. Hope they get this figured out for the American market!

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